My review on the Cardano blockchain


  • I am bullish on Cardano, do not take my words as financial advice.
  • Since its inception, Cardano has been one of the most influential blockchains, designed with a strong scientific approach.
  • Seasonal investors, engineers, and business people make up the core team, which ensures the project’s progress and commercial implications.
  • It has shown its ability to draw and sustain a vibrant global community.

Cardano is a part of history

Like many other projects in the early days, Cardano was funded through a US $62.2 initial coin offering. The currency debuted with a market cap of $600 million. By the time writing this article, the total market capitalization of ADA is $44 billion.

Cardano has well-rounded founding partners

When you look at the governance of the project, it is obvious that Cardano has unmatched capabilities ranging from technical development to commercial operations. That also fosters the inclusivity of the blockchain.

Cardano blockchain grows at a steady pace with high certainty

Cardano has one of the most active communities with a cult-like culture. The initial vision to build an advanced science-proof blockchain and commercially feasible at the same time has gained significant traction.

Why am I bullish on Cardano?

I consider ADA as one of my safe bets because its performance shows stability and certainty. Furthermore, many of the investment thesis refers to the blockchain as the internet in the 90s, I am also a believer in that reference. What is important in the early days is the infrastructure that is sufficient enough for the ecosystem to grow, I believe the Cardano blockchain will be the landline for the decentralized internet.

Analyst @DeloitteSAP • Co-Founder, Product @HelloDaihoc