Starting working with ERP when you have no prior knowledge about ERP system can be tough, though nothing can replace hands-on practice, you need to know at least some basic knowledge that surprisingly is easy to learn.

|| Step 1: An ERP system is built to solving business problem, so you should try to think in business processes rather than the function.

An ERP software is far beyond transaction codes (t-codes), it is about improving…

Lessons from working with startup teams

Photo by Joel Mott on Unsplash

After over a year working with startup teams, I believe that for any new products, the best way for market interaction is through community building.

We want to build a world-changing company that can eliminate biases in the hiring process and empowers people with a learning mindset to get the best job for themselves.

At the most basic level, WiseTrack reduces unconscious biases of the recruiting process. One definition of fair judgment: candidates are treated as how well they solve a problem, not where they come from or any other external factors whatsoever.

It is important to have an alternative. WiseTrack enables a bias-free…

A real danger for music creator is that the market has already been monopolized by a few names. Last year, Spotify has done $5 billion in sales, compensate the artist half what Amazon and Apple does, then go back to make the hurting artists slam to Apple.

The monopoly at a glance

There is no…

A usability testing seminar at ChatQ — a new thing that we stared this week.

1. The first chapter of Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice — a textbook of Doctor Bryon Sharp.

It is now crystal clear for me whenever I start a workday.

“The role of the marketer is to understand consumer behaviour and recognise market opportunities so that the organisation can adapt and stay competitive.”

It has been a nice ride since my first job as a marketer since 2017…

The Mongols in a group of people that placed a huge in impact on the history of mankind during the fourth-teen centuries. The Mongolian, at this time, had made massive conquests to expand the reign. …

The internet that we are using today is a centralized system that is run — maintain and rule — by a certain institution depend on the network’s purpose.

First off, why the internet has to be centralized?

For instance, the government will maintain the public internet structure, or the social media company will be monetizing the internet service to…

The ancient Greek and the ancient Rome appeared to be the birthplace of modern Western civilization. While the Spartans has a strange government mixed between aristocracy/ oligarchy and monarchy, the Athenians created “Democracy” — the anterior of a philosophy that the country should be ruled by the people.

Burger King conducted a relatively unique social experiment in a store in Los Angeles to the National Bullying Prevention Month. …

Adam Nam Dinh

Analyst @DeloitteSAP • Co-Founder, Product @HelloDaihoc

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